Behavioral Health Services

Kelli Bosak Behavioral Health 1 compressedPCC recognizes that individuals may have a difficult time dealing with hardship.  For this reason, PCC offers comprehensive integrated behavioral health care services. While a PCC provider may see someone for a medical condition, a behavioral health professional can meet with an individual to discuss social and emotional needs.  At PCC, social workers and psychiatric providers are here to deliver behavioral health and wellbeing services to our patients. The goal of PCC’s behavioral health program is to work with patients to support them in reaching their desired goals.

Services Provided:

  • Individual, couple, and family counseling
  • Psychiatric services and medication management
  • Medication Assisted Treatment BH Gina and Katherine Compressed
  • Chemical Dependency Clinic for opioid dependence
  • Parenting Support
  • Support Groups
  • Resource linkage

PCC’s Behavioral Health Team:

  • Katherine Suberlak, LCSW, Chief Population Health Officer
  • Amanda Brooks, LCSW, CADC, Director of Behavioral Health (PCC Austin)
  • Kelli Bosak, LSW, CADC (PCC Austin)
  • Jill Degen, APN, BC (PCC Austin)
  • Mathew Lindsay, LSW (PCC Austin)
  • Molly Reynolds, LCSW (PCC Austin)
  • Jessica Lenth, LCSW (PCC Lake Street)
  • Rachel Perley, LCSW, CADC (PCC Lake Street)
  • Gwen Haywood, LCSW (PCC at Loretto)
  • Aline Talmage, LCSW, CADC (PCC Melrose Park)
  • Ricardo Aguinaga, LCSW (PCC Salud)
  • Gina Rogers, LCSW (PCC Salud)
  • Heather Morales, LCSW (PCC Salud)
  • Kim McCoy, APN, BC (PCC Salud/PCC Melrose Park)
  • Crystal Cole, APN, BC (PCC South/PCC Lake Street)
  • Alexander Serrano, LSW (PCC South)
  • Edith Zamudio, LCSW (PCC South)
  • Kim Finnegan, APN, BC (PCC at Steinmetz)
  • Sandra Montes, LCSW (PCC at Steinmetz)
  • Carmen Ochoa-Galindo, LCPC (PCC at Steinmetz/PCC Melrose Park/PCC West Town)
  • Jerome Pietrusiak, LCSW (PCC at The Boulevard)
  • Carlos Cantu, LCSW (PCC West Town)
  • Haley Swanson, LCSW, CADC (Chemical Dependency Clinic)

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